We’re building a horizontal platform for technical and business partners. Companies will be able to drag & drop to develop IoT web and mobile applications. Read our founder Q&A highlights below!

What Services Do We Currently Offer?

  • PaaS (Platform as a Service): Customers can sign up for our cloud platform and start implementing their IoT solutions. There are various pricing options available, starting from $10 per month!
  • SaaS (Software as a Service): Tailor-made solutions targeting niche markets like Vehicle Telemetry, Asset Tracking, Healthcare + more. Clients are charged based on usage, number of connected devices, number of users, and other usage metrics.
  • Software consulting services: Fixed bid implementations, long term and short-term contracts for developing IoT software/hardware solutions. (Based on customer requirements).

Why We’re Poised For Exceptional Growth

  • A well conceived plan

  • Provide excellent customer service

  • Strong and positive leadership

  • Stay focused on strengths

  • Willing to take risks

  • Inspire a positive corporate culture 

  • Encourage a healthy work environment 

  • Provide assessment and feedback

  • Effective use of technology

  • Develop social awareness

What Differentiates Boodskap From Competitors?

We are one of a  kind platform that offers and supports multi-cloud and on-premise installation.

  • Connectivity Management Platforms

  • Device Management Platforms

  • Advanced Analytics Platforms

  • Application Enablement Platforms

  • Cloud Platforms

*We are an End-to-End one STOP shop.

What is your exit strategy/business plan?

It is our intention to make our exit strategy lucrative for our investors. Our ultimate goal is launching an IPO, depending on the market conditions and performance. M&A or buyouts are also in consideration.

What is the Boodskap IoT platform?

A complete IoT infrastructure where you can plug and play any kind of hardware/sensors (Device Agnostic) into its message gateways. This starts processing messages into the system. The integration is simple and painless. 

No software programming is required! Just configure the device endpoints in the system to start receiving different kinds of sensor data. Using the platform’s low code/no code features, drag and drop to build web and mobile applications and publish it on the fly!

Thank You For Your Time!

To learn more about Boodskap and our equity crowdfunding endeavors, visit Title3Funds