We’re an end-end no-code, low-code IOT platform. We’ve created a effective solution to quickly plug and play any hardware/sensors into its message gateways. This aids in processing messages into a designated system. Using our drag & drop UI builders, mobile and web dashboards can be built and published on the fly!

Since launching, we have generated $1.8M+ in total revenue (2018–2022). In addition to partnerships with both government agencies and Fortune 500 companies – such as Nokia, ABB, DTA (MassGov) – our leadership team has 70+ years of experience in IT.

It has taken an innovative team to bring Boodskap to the next level. We wanted to highlight the individuals that make it happen!

The Masterminds Behind It All

Founder & CEO Jegan Vincent:

A Corporate Strategy & Development Specialist characterized as a visionary, strategist, and tactician. He has a consistent record of delivering extraordinary growth, revenue, operational performance, and profitability results. Additionally, he has a heavy transaction background, including startup financing and board leadership. 

Jegan is well known as a respected proponent of empowerment and accountability. Effective in high-profile executive roles, he’s no stranger to overcoming complex business challenges. He makes high-stake decisions using experience-backed judgment, a strong work ethic, and irreproachable integrity. 

He goes by the motto, “Live the culture and lead by example.” Jegan’s interactive/motivational leadership role motivates people to give their full effort and loyalty.

Experience Highlights:

  • 20+ years of IT experience with major corporations like IBM, UBS, Orbcomm/StarTrak.
  • 15+ years of solid understanding and implementation experience in Telemetry, M2M & IoT verticals
  • Implemented 12+ complex, challenging, and demanding industry standard robust applications and services. (Architecture, Design) 
  • 20+ years of experience in C-C++/Java right from its alpha versions. Broad knowledge of almost all networking protocols needed for building M2M/IoT applications/services.

Founder & COO Amal Jesayen:

An experienced serial entrepreneur working in the computer software industry for 25+ years. He is a strong professional, leader, mentor, and motivator. He strives to empower young and talented professionals. 

Amal leads culture change, creating innovative business development processes for strong, collaborative leadership teams. He takes pride in being level-headed in the face of tough challenges. Additionally, he has a track record of driving operational excellence with a people-first approach. 

Over the course of his career, he has established lasting relationships. He has maintained these relationships to diversify perspectives and collect valuable information.  

Experience Highlights:

  • IT Strategy, Operations, Finance, Budgeting
  • Contract Negotiation, Critical Thinking
  • Startup Funding, Investor Relations
  • Marketing, Pre-sales, IoT, Business Intelligence, 
  • Client relationships, Business Development and Process Engineering. 

Founder & MD Rajesh Soundarapandian:

Director of Operations with 12+ years of familiarity with the organization and day-to-day operations, thus ensuring smooth progress. He excels in managerial skills with external partners/vendors. This includes in-depth accounting knowledge about the industry’s legal rules and guidelines.

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