AWS IoT Button Integration in 10 minutes

  • Create a Lambda Function
  • Define a Message
  • Write a Rule

In this article, we presume 

  • You have a AWS IoT Button configured using your mobile app
  • You have registered with Boodskap Platform 

Create AWS Lambda Function

Login to your Amazon AWS Console and select Lambda service.

  • Click Create Function
    • Name: boodskap-iot-button
    • Runtime: Node.js 8.10 or above
    • Existing Role: lambda_basic_execution
  • Upload the function code
  • Function code has three type of handlers implemented, pick your choice of handler
    • Make sure you enter one of the below in the Handler field
      • httpimpl.handler (for HTTP communication)
      • mqttimp.handler (for MQTT communication)
      • udpimpl.handler (for UDP communication) 
  • Define Environment Variables
      • Your Boodskap domain key
    • API_KEY
      • Your Boodskap API key
      • Your defined message id, (will see in next section)

Defining Boodskap Message

  • Login to the platform
  • Go to Message Definitions
    • Click Define Message and follow the below screen shot. You could use any message ID
      • Below two fields are mandatory
        • click : INTEGER
        • battery: VARCHAR

Configure AWS IoT Button

  • In the Aws IoT Button Dev mobile application
    • Choose the button
    • Choose the Lambda Icon
    • In the Use Existing Lambda Functions tab
    • Pick boodskap-iot-button and press Change Action

Platform will start receiving single and double click events. You could use the Rules Engine module to further process the data


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